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Softball Leagues in New Jersey

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State League Name click name for more details City Looking For? Season Type Pitch Intensity Beer? Umps? Date Added
NJ 2019 Plainsboro Coed Softball League PlainsboroPlayersSpring Coed Slow Mild Y04/18/2019
NJ 2018 Plainsboro Coed Softball League PlainsboroPlayersAll Coed Slow Mild Y04/09/2018
NJ Crush Social Sports LakewoodUmpiresAll Coed Slow Laid Back Any Y03/30/2018
NJ Crush Social Sports LakewoodTeamsAll Coed Slow Laid Back Any Y03/30/2018
NJ Crush Social Sports Point PleasantPlayersAll Coed Slow Laid Back Any Y03/30/2018
NJ Crush Social Sports JacksonPlayersAll Coed Slow Laid Back Any Y03/30/2018
NJ Crush Social Sports LakewoodPlayersAll Coed Slow Laid Back Any Y03/30/2018
NJ Wanye YMCA WayneTeamsSpring Coed Modified Competitive N Y02/28/2018
NJ SomersetTeamsSpring Mens Slow Competitive Any Y02/02/2018
NJ 2018 Plainsboro Coed Softball League PlainsboroTeamsSpring Coed Slow Mild Y01/02/2018
NJ ABL Softball rosellePlayersSpring Coed Slow Mild N Y04/12/2017
NJ Hillsborough HillsboroughPlayersSpring Coed Slow Competitive N Y03/06/2017
NJ Garfield Softball League GarfieldPlayersAll Coed Slow Competitive Any N02/28/2017
NJ Garfield Softball League GarfieldTeamsAll Coed Slow Competitive Any N02/28/2017
NJ 2017 Plainsboro Coed Softball League PlainsboroTeamsSpring Coed Slow Mild Any Y01/20/2017
NJ Ballsagna EdisonPlayersFall Coed Slow Competitive Any Y10/05/2016
NJ All Jersey Softball Leauge ParsippanyTeamsSpring Womens Fast Competitive N Y06/14/2016
NJ Skyline Sunday Softball WanaqueTeamsSpring Mens Modified Competitive N Y06/13/2016
NJ FALL division - Plainsboro Coed Softball League PlainsboroTeamsFall Coed Slow Laid Back Y05/16/2016
NJ JERSEY CITY WOMENS SOFTBALL LEAGUE JERSEY CITYTeamsSummer Womens Modified Competitive Y05/02/2016
NJ Liga Costambar Women Softball PatersonTeamsAll Womens Modified Competitive Any Y12/03/2015
NJ Paterson unity women Softball league Paterson TeamsSummer Womens Fast Competitive N Y09/30/2015
NJ Diamond Divas Cranford PlayersSpring Womens Any Laid Back Y Any09/05/2015
NJ Wayne Softball League WayneTeamsSpring Mens Slow Competitive N Y02/22/2015
NJ South Brunswick Coed Softball League South BrunswickTeamsAll Coed Slow Y02/18/2015
NJ Plainsboro Coed Softball League PlainsboroTeamsSpring Coed Slow Laid Back Y01/20/2015
NJ Gap2Gap FairfieldTeamsWinter Any Any Competitive Any Y11/20/2014
NJ Bayonne Tavern League BayonneTeamsSpring Mens Modified Competitive Y Y03/05/2014
NJ Monroe Township Adult Softball Jamesburg MonroePlayersSpring Mens Slow Competitive Any Y02/27/2014
NJ Bordentown Womens Recreational Softball League BordentownTeamsSpring Womens Slow Mild N Y02/19/2014
NJ Tom Soto Memorial Coed Softball League Cherry Hill / BerlinTeamsSpring Coed Slow Mild Any Y02/17/2014
NJ ISA Sunday Morning League LakewoodTeamsSpring Mens Slow Mild Y Y01/17/2014
NJ Weekend Modified pitch. Mens hopatcongTeamsFall Mens Modified Competitive Any Y09/19/2013
NJ ABL. Real. Serious. Sports HobokenTeamsFall Any Slow Competitive Any Y08/13/2013
NJ Mercer County Park COED League West WindsorTeamsFall Coed Slow Mild N Y07/16/2013
NJ Jersey All Sports Ocean CountyTeamsSpring Any Any Mild N Y02/04/2013
NJ Hispanic American Softball League Jersey CityPlayersSummer Mens Fast Competitive Y Y09/17/2012
NJ Central Jersey Softball Association JacksonTeamsFall Any Modified Competitive N Y07/11/2012
NJ Coed Rec. Marlton/Cherry Hill MarltonPlayersSummer Coed Slow Mild N Y05/03/2012
NJ Sayreville Women's League SayrevilleTeamsSummer Womens Slow Mild Y05/01/2012
NJ Burlington County Church Softball League Mt. HollyTeamsSpring Coed Slow Competitive N N03/23/2012
NJ Jersey All Sports TeamsAll Any Any Mild Y02/08/2011
NJ Sayreville Women's League SayrevilleTeamsSpring Womens Slow Mild Any Any02/06/2010
NJ Sayreville Co-ed League SayrevilleTeamsSpring Coed Slow Mild Any Y02/06/2010
NJ Sayreville Weeknight League SayrevilleTeamsSpring Mens Slow Competitive Any Y02/06/2010
NJ Sayreville Men's Sunday Leauge SayrevilleTeamsSpring Mens Slow Mild Any Y02/06/2010
NJ Valley Women's Softball MontvaleTeamsSummer Womens Modified Mild Any Y02/03/2010
NJ Double AA Sports MontvaleTeamsAll Mens Slow Competitive N Y12/14/2009