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Softball Leagues in Maryland

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State League Name click name for more details City Looking For? Season Type Pitch Intensity Beer? Umps? Date Added
MD perryhall rec baltimoreTeamsSpring Mens Slow Mild N Y02/27/2013
MD Perryhall Rec TeamsSpring Mens Slow Laid Back Any Y02/27/2013
MD LTRC Fall Softball @ Reisterstown Regional Park Lutherville TimoniumTeamsFall Mens Slow Mild N Y07/16/2012
MD LTRC Mens and Coed Softball 2012 Update Lutherville - TimoniumTeamsSpring Any Slow Mild N Y03/21/2012
MD Frederick County Women's Softball League FrederickTeamsSummer Womens Slow Mild Y Y10/25/2010
MD LTRC Men's / Coed Softball Lutherville TimoniumTeamsFall Mens Slow Mild N N07/21/2010
MD The Hornets ClintonPlayersSpring Womens Slow Competitive N Y06/17/2009