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Softball Leagues in Massachusetts

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State League Name click name for more details City Looking For? Season Type Pitch Intensity Beer? Umps? Date Added
MA Marlboro Womens Softball MarlboroughTeamsSummer Womens Modified Competitive N Y03/22/2017
MA Marlboro Womens Softball MarlboroughPlayersSummer Womens Modified Competitive N Y03/22/2017
MA Wellesley Slow Pitch WellesleyTeamsSpring Mens Slow Competitive Y Y02/09/2017
MA EMASS Senior Softball Association WaylandPlayersAll Any Slow Competitive N Y01/17/2017
MA FoxboroughTeamsAll Mens Slow Mild Any Y04/20/2016
MA Easton Mens Softball EastonTeamsAll Mens Slow Competitive N Y04/08/2016
MA MV MENS SOFTBALL LEAGUE Vineyard HavenUmpiresSummer Mens Slow Competitive N Y08/29/2015
MA Newton mens softball NewtonTeamsSummer Mens Fast Competitive Any Y04/07/2015
MA Lawrence Rec. Womens Fastpitchleague LawrenceTeamsSummer Womens Fast Competitive N 07/16/2014
MA Suburban Coed Softball League NewtonTeamsSummer Coed Slow Mild N N04/26/2014
MA Suburban Coed Softball League NewtonTeamsSummer Coed Slow Mild N N04/26/2014
MA Bellingham Mens Over 30 BellinghamPlayersSummer Mens Slow Competitive Y N03/18/2014
MA Belmont mens slowpitch softball BelmontPlayersSummer Mens Slow Competitive Y Y02/28/2014
MA lawrence women softball LawrenceTeamsSummer Womens Modified Competitive N Any10/31/2013
MA Blackout OxfordPlayersFall Mens Slow Competitive Y09/13/2013
MA borinquen softball league lawrenceTeamsSummer Mens Slow Competitive Y Y05/12/2013
MA Leominster Womens Softball LeominsterPlayersSummer Womens Slow Competitive Y04/02/2013
MA Easton Mens Softball League EastonTeamsSpring Mens Slow Competitive Any Y03/04/2013
MA Dedham Co-Ed Softball DedhamTeamsSpring Coed Slow Mild Y Y03/03/2013
MA Nashoba River Valley Softball League AyerTeamsSummer Mens Modified Competitive Any Y01/10/2013
MA Middlesex Mens Softball League AshlandTeamsSummer Mens Slow Competitive Any Y10/22/2012
MA Canton Men's Over 30 Softball League CantonSummer Mens Slow Competitive N Y05/09/2012
MA BillericaPlayersSummer Womens Fast Mild Y05/02/2012
MA HUB Softball BostonTeamsAll Any Slow Competitive N Y04/04/2012
MA Greater Boston Media League AllstonTeamsSummer Mens Competitive N Y03/05/2012
MA Middlesex Mens Softball League MedwayTeamsSummer Mens Slow Competitive Y01/29/2012
MA Dirt the Skirt Sports GrovelandPlayersSummer Womens Slow Mild N Y01/27/2012
MA Leominster Adult Mixed Softball Association LeominsterTeamsSummer Mens Slow Competitive N Y01/09/2012
MA Middlesex Men's Softball League Weston, MATeamsSummer Mens Slow Competitive Any Y12/22/2011
MA Patriot Softball League BraintreeTeamsSummer Mens Slow Competitive N Y08/22/2011
MA Ashland Sunday Night Men's softball AshlandPlayersSummer Mens Slow Mild Y Y05/15/2011
MA Framingham Interfaith Softball League FraminghamTeamsSummer Any Modified Competitive N Y03/10/2011
MA Framingham Interfaith Softball League Framingham 03/10/2011
MA Bridgewater Mens Softball League BridgewaterTeamsSummer Mens Slow Competitive Y Y12/24/2010
MA Branco Softball League New BedfordTeamsSummer Coed Slow Competitive 12/22/2010
MA M Street Softball League South BostonPlayersSummer Mens Modified Competitive N Y07/22/2010
MA Reading Men’s Softball (RMSL) ReadingPlayersSummer Mens 07/19/2010
MA Boston Ski And Sports Club Softball BostonPlayersFall Any Any 07/17/2010
MA RBI ( real big idiots ) revereTeamsSummer Mens Modified Competitive N Y05/05/2010
MA Asl Softball League Ashland Ma 01721TeamsSpring Mens Slow Competitive Y Y02/16/2010
MA Metro West Softball WatertownTeamsFall Mens Slow Competitive N Y08/03/2009
MA Coed Jewish Softball BostonPlayersSummer Coed Slow Laid Back N Any06/29/2009
MA Amherst Adult Softball AmherstPlayersAll Any Any Mild N Y06/29/2009
MA MISL: Marlborough Adult Softball Leagues MarlboroughPlayersAll Any Any Competitive N Y06/29/2009
MA Brookline Adult Softball League Brookline N 06/29/2009
MA Branco Events Softball New BedfordTeamsSummer Any Slow Mild N N06/29/2009
MA Beantown Softball League BostonTeamsSummer Any Slow Competitive N Y06/29/2009
MA Stoughton Men's Softball League StoughtonTeamsSummer Mens Slow Competitive N Y06/29/2009
MA Acton Adult Softball League ActonTeamsSummer Coed Slow Mild N Y06/29/2009
MA EMAAC Coed Softball BostonTeamsSpring Coed Slow Mild N Y02/04/2009